S.E.A.L.  Security Group 
"Build each other up & help each other win"

Keeping your Church safe the S.E.A.L. way!

A Church is known as a place of peace.
However, in a society that has several misfortunes with gun violence, bombings and more in the Church,
it's vital that Church staff and the congregation are informed on how to stay safe and secure in their house of worship. 

S.E.A.L. Security Group is prepared and educated to train your Church staff and members on how to respond, react and execute any conflict.

Is your building in a low or high crime rate neighborhood?
Have any other crimes occurred at any other institution around your church?
What are your most valuable assets?

If your Church does not know the following answers to these questions,
you need S.E.A.L. Security Group to come and assist your facility.  


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